Our Mission

The MISSION of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Schools Trust (SEPaST) is to provide high quality health, wellness, and related programs on a cost effective basis. 

SEPaST operates to carry out the purpose of the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Act by providing a vehicle for Pennsylvania School Local Governmental Units to purchase employee benefits.  The Trust qualifies as a tax-exempt trust performing the essential governmental function within the meaning of Section 115 of the Internal Revenue Code and its regulations.

The Trust serves an avenue for the purchase of employee benefits, such as (but not limited to): medical and hospitalization, prescription drug, dental, vision, wellness, and life insurance benefits. 

Top 10 Reasons to Join SEPaST


By leveraging the purchasing power of multiple School Districts, SEPaST is able to secure more favorable contractual and financial terms with vendor partners.


Each Member District maintains the flexibility to create a unique plan design that best meets the local needs of the member entity, while benefiting from the collaborative purchasing power of the Trust.

Supplemental Options

Member Districts have the flexibility to add valuable supplemental benefit options and services to their individual plan designs such as vision, dental, Employee Assistance Programs, etc.


SEPaST offers a suite of Voluntary Benefits. These are available to Member Districts who want to provide employees with additional choices.

Wellness Initiatives

Member Districts receive an allocation of credits for use with “Wellness Initiatives” to promote health and well-being.

Wellness Communications

Member Districts have access to a selection of wellness communications to support a healthier workforce and reduce overall claim costs.

Savings Programs

Member Districts can take advantage of savings programs like Perks at Work. This program features discounts on health & wellness products, as well as, entertainment, travel and family-oriented events.

Educational Opportunities

Educational opportunities are made available to SEPaST members to address current healthcare industry trends.

Consulting Support

Consulting support helps Business Managers, Human Resources Directors, and Labor Leaders understand how their plan is performing, their cost drivers in their population, and strategies to mitigate healthcare costs.

Data Reporting

Our selected carriers provide comprehensive data and utilization reporting to assist Member Districts in understanding their cost drivers.