Serving more than 8 million people nationwide and nearly 2.5 million in the region, Independence Health Group is the leading health insurance company in the Philadelphia region, and we’re expanding across the country. Our mission to build healthier lives for you, your family, and your employees shapes our actions and decisions every day.

At Independence, we see each of our members as an individual, with unique needs and concerns. We’re dedicated to harnessing the very latest ideas and technologies to deliver access to care that meets those needs and surpasses your expectations.

At the heart of our business is our Human-Centered Innovation Program— an intensive and innovative use of resources to focus on people and their health as we change the way health care is experienced. It’s reflected not only in our many affordable health plans and problem-solving services tailored to the needs of real people, but also in the way we partner with best-in-class organizations and thought leaders to predict and prevent illness, and in our cutting-edge use of data analytics to help keep you healthier. It’s visible in our support and mentorship of the most promising young health care companies and our bold new models of care, which reward physicians and hospitals for keeping you well.

We’re revolutionizing health care, and our focus is on you.

Make the most of your doctor visits with the IBX app

Download the free IBX app for your iPhone or Android to help you make the most of your Independence Blue Cross health plan. With new and improved features, the IBX app gives you easy access to your health care coverage 24/7, wherever you are. More Information.

Use the IBX app to:

  • Access benefit information
  • View, share, or order a new ID card
  • Find a doctor or hospital, and change your primary care physician
  • See your most recent claims and any open referrals
  • Find or price a prescription drug
  • Track deductibles and spending account balances
  • Reach your health goals with Achieve Well-being tools
  • See important notifications and health messages

Wellness Programs

Save money while getting healthy! As an Independence member, you can take advantage of savings and discount programs for local, regional, and national businesses and attractions. Below is a sample of the wellness incentives offered to members:

Achieve Well-being

Achieve Well-being is a personalized set of tools that keep you motivated while you achieve your unique wellness goals. Whether you want to eat healthier, manage stress, be more active, or just get some more sleep, Achieve Well-being can help you bring healthy habits within reach.

We also offer reimbursements — up to $150 — on fitness center fees, weight management programs, and programs to help you stop smoking.

Achieve Better Health

We offer an added level of support and services when you’re managing more complex health challenges, such as a new diagnosis, a chronic health condition, or a pregnancy.


Save money while getting healthy! As an Independence member, you can take advantage of savings and discount programs for local, regional, and national businesses and attractions.*

Nutrition Counseling

Visit a participating registered dietitian or network doctor up to 6 times a year at no cost to you.**

* These are value-added programs and services. They are not benefits under the health care plans that you purchased and are, therefore, subject to change without notice.

** Not all members have nutrition counseling visits as part of their benefits plans. Please contact Customer Service or your benefits administrator to determine if this benefit applies to your coverage.